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English Grammar - Ngữ pháp | Grammar in Use (Ngữ pháp thực hành) | Bài 5 - Past simple (I did)

UNIT 5: Past simple (I did) - Thì quá khứ đơn (Tôi đã làm)

A. Xem xét ví dụ sau:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian musician and composer. He lived from 1756 to 1791. He started composing at the age of five and wrote more than 600 pieces of music. He was only 35 years old when he died.

Lived/Started/wrote/was/died đều ở thì past simple (quá khứ đơn).

B. Thông thường động từ thì past simple tận cùng bằng -ed (động từ có qui tắc — regular verbs):

- I work in a travel agency now. Before that I worked in a shop.
- We invite them to our party but they decided not to come.
- The police stopped me on my way home last night.
She passed her examination because she studied very hard.

Nhưng có nhiều động từ bất qui tắc (irregular) khi ở thì past simple không tận cùng bằng -ed.
Ví dụ:
write => wrote.   -  Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music.
see => saw.        -  We saw Rose in town a few days ago.
go  => went.       -  I went to cinema three times last week.
shut => shut.       -  It was cold, so I shut the window.

Xem bảng liệt kê các động từ bất qui tắc.

C. Trong các câu nghi vấn và các câu phủ định chúng ta dùng did/didn’t + infinitive (enjoy/see/go...)







Câu hỏi

Did you






Câu phủ định




didn't  enjoy



A: Did you go out last night?
B: Yes, I went to the cinema but I didn’t enjoy the film much.

"When did Mr. Thomas die?” "About ten years ago.”
They didn’t invite her to party, so he didn’t go.
"Did you have time to write the letter?” "No, I didn’t”.

Cẩn thận khi do là động từ chính trong câu:

What did you do at the weekend? (Not 'what did you at the weekend')
I didn’t do anything. (Not 'I didn't anything')

D. Quá khứ của be (am/ is/ are)was/ were:

Khẳng định / Phủ định

I/he/she/it was/wasn’t
we/you/they were/weren’t

Câu hỏi

was I/he/she/it?
 were we/you/they?

Nhớ rằng ta không dùng did trong câu nghi vấn và phủ định với was/were.

- I was angry because they were late.
- Was the weather good when you were on holiday?
- They weren’t able to come because they were so busy.
- Did you go out last night or were you too tired?



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