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English Vocabulary - Từ vựng | Từ điển bằng hình ảnh theo chủ đề | The Human Body

The Body - A

1. face 6. arm 11. back 16. hip
2. mouth 7. upper arm 12. chest 17. leg
3. chin 8. elbow 13. waist 18. thigh
4. neck 9. forearm 14. abdomen 19. knee
5. shoulder 10. armpit 15. buttocks 20. calf
The Hand - B
21.wrist 24. thumb 27. ring finger
22.knuckle 25. (index) finger 28. little finger
23.fingernail 26. middle finger 29. palm
The Head - C
30. hair 35. cheek 40. mustache
31. part 36. nose 41. tongue
32. forehead 37. nostril 42. tooth
33. sideburn 38. jaw 43. lip
34. ear 39. beard  
The Eye - D
44. eyebrow 45. eyelid 46. eyelashes 47. iris 48. pupil
The Foot - E
49. ankle 53. big toe
50. heel 54. toe
51. instep 55. little toe
52. ball 56. toenail
The Internal Organs - F
57. brain 65. liver
58. spinal cord 66. stomach
59. throat 67. intestines
60. windpipe  
61. esophagus 69. artery
62. muscle 70. kidney
63. lung 71. pancreas
64. heart 72. bladder

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