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Bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp. Hai bạn hãy hỏi và trả lời về các hoạt động yêu thích của bạn và thời gian bạn đã dành cho mỗi hoạt động.

watching TV reading newspaper listening to the radio reading magazines using the Internet

Phần tham khảo:

watching TV:

A: Which of these is your favorite activity in your free time?
B: Watching TV.
A: How many hours a week do you spend watching TV?
B: About 4 or 5 hours, I guess.

reading newspaper:

reading magazines :

C: Which of these is your favorite activity in your free time?
D: I like reading books.
C: What kind of books do you read?
D: Science books.
C: How much time a week do you spend reading them?
D: About 5 or 6 hours.
C: Do you read books at home?
D: No, I often read them in the library.

listening to the radio :

G: Which of these is your favorite activity you do in your free time?
H: Listening to the radio.
G: How many hours a week do you spend listening to the radio?
H: About 6 or 7 hours, I think.
G: What programs do you listen to?
H: I often listen to the news and programs in English, sometimes I listen to the light or classic music.

using the Internet:

E: What's your favorite activity you do in your free time?
F: I surf the web on the Internet.
E: What program do you do on the computer?
F: I often download science programs or send e-mails to my friends abroad.
E: Oh. Do you have a computer of your own?
F: Yes. My uncle gave me one on my last birthday.
E: How much time do you spend on the computer?
F: About six or seven hours a week.
E: How interesting! I wish I could use a computer as you.


The Media.

A. Before newspaper were invented, town criers would go through city streets ringing a bell. They shouted the lastest news as they were walking.

B. In Vietnam people love reading newspaper and magazines. The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is one of the most popular magazines and is widely read by both teenagers and adults.

C. Thanks to television people can get the lastest information and enjoy interesting programs in an inexpensive and convenient way.Nowadays, viewers can watch a variety of local and international programs on different channels.

D. The next stage in the development of television is interactive TV.Viewers are able to ask questions about the show by using their remote controls.

a. Bạn hãy hoàn thành bảng dưới đây bằng cách điền vào các chữ cái đầu mỗi đoạn văn mà trong đó các sự kiện được đề cập tới.

Bài test - Các bạn hãy click vào đây để làm bài test

b. Còn bây giờ các bạn hãy dựa vào bài đọc để trả lời những câu hỏi dưới đây.

Bài test - Các bạn hãy click vào đây để làm bài test


Bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp. Bạn hãy đọc đoạn hội thoại sau.

Lien: You like watching sports, don't you, Trung?
Trung: Not really. Some sports are so violent, and I don't like watching them. I prefer documentaries.
Lien: I'm the opposite. I love watching sports, and documentaries seem quite boring to me.
Trung: But you watch the news, don't you?
Lien: Yes, every day. It's very informative.
Trung: I enjoy it too. You don't like foreign films, do you?
Lien: No, I don't.

Bây giờ các bạn hãy thực hiện những đoạn hội thoại tương tự. Các bạn hãy nói về những chương trình mà bạn thích hoặc không thích.

Thursday, Oct 16
8.30 Folk Music 9.15 Documentary: Dien Bien Phu Battle 6.00 Football: Newcastle vs. Southampton
10.00 Cartoon: Tom & Jerry 13.00 Learning English through Songs 11.30 Children's Corner
18.15 Literature & Art 14.00 Health for Everyone 15.15 Film: Being a Mother (Viet Nam)
19.00 News 15.30 Gardening: How to Plant Pear Trees 21.00 Songs I Love
20.00 Safe Traffic News 21.30 Wildlife World 22.00 Sports: English Badminton
21.30 Drama: Love And Life 22.15 Weather Forecast 23.30 English News

Phần tham khảo:


You: You like watching cartoons, don't you, Nam?
Nam: Not really. Some cartoons are dull, and I don't like them. I prefer "Children's Corner".
You: I'm opposite. I love watching cartoons, and "Children's Corner" seems quite boring to me.
Nam: But you watch "Learning English through Songs", don't you?
You: Yes, nearly every show. It's very entertaining.
Nam: I enjoy it too. You don't like sports, do you?
You: No, I don't.


Thu: You like watching music, don't you, Nga?
Nga: Not really. Some music shows are very noisy, and I don't like watching them. I prefer folk music.
Thu: I'm opposite. I love watching Science programs, and music programs seem quite boring to me, especially pop music.
Nga: But you watch "Health for Everyone", don't you?
Thu: Yes, it's very useful, it offers us very interesting scientific news in medicine.
Nga: I enjoy it, too. You don't like drama shows, do you?
Thu: No, I don't. Most of them are very dull.


Bạn hãy nghe đoạn hội thoại giữa Châu và bố của bạn ấy. Sau đó, bạn hãy điền vào bảng sau các thông tin mà bạn đã nghe được.

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập

5. READ ( ĐỌC)

Bạn hãy đọc bài về Internet trên diễn đàn dưới đây.

The Internet posted by Jimhello on Tuesday, 10 December 2002, at 9.07 pm.
The Internet has increasingly developed and become part of our everyday life.Do you find the Internet useful?What do you use the Internet for?How much time do you spend surfing the web a day?Please respond to these questions.


Response # 1 Re: The Internet
Posted by Sandra Morgan

In my opinion, the Internet is a very fast and convenient way for me to get information. I can also communicate with my friends and relatives by means of e-mail or chatting. However, I don't use the Internet very often because I don't have much time.For me, the Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life.I makes our world a small village.

Response # 2 Re: The Internet
Posted by Honghoa

Nobody can deny the benefits of the Internet in our life.However, it is a pity for me as well as for most of my friends in the countryside.The Internet is available only in cities, therefore I cannot easily get access to it.I sometimes visit my uncle in the city on weekends, and this is a good occasion for me to explore the net.I spend most of the time wandering because I just don't know which website is useful for me.

Response # 3 Re: The Internet
Posted by Huansui

People use the Internet for many purposes: education, communication, entertainment and commerce.However, the Internet has limitations.It is not only time-consuming and costly but also dangerous because of viruses and bad programs.Moreover, Internet users sometimes have to suffer various risks such as spam or electronic junk mail, and personal information leaking.So, while enjoying surfing, be alert!

Bây giờ các bạn hãy hãy dựa vào bài đọc để trả lời các câu hỏi dưới đây.

click vào đây để làm bài tập


Bạn hãy đọc lại diễn đàn trên Internet trong bài đọc ở trên. Sau đó, bạn hãy viết một đoạn văn nói về những ích lợi của Internet, bạn có thể sử dụng những gợi ý sau.

- The Internet as a source of information (news, articles, weather forecast, etc.)

- The Internet as a source of entertainment (music, movies, games, etc.)

- The Internet as a means of education (on-line schools, on-line lessons, self-study, etc.

Bài tham khảo:

As we know, the Internet is, at present, becoming an important part of our everyday life. Almost of every aspect of life is concerned with the Internet, especially in developed countries.

People can use the Internet to do a lot of things. The Internet can be said a useful and effective instrument for daily activities.

Firstly, Internet can be a source of information at home. People needn't go news stands to buy newspapers or magazines. They can get information about weather easily and at any time as well.

Secondly, Internet is a source of entertainment. People can see films, or listen to their favorite songs or even play interesting games on the Internet. And this doesn't cost as much.

In addition, the Internet is also a good means of education. Students and schoolchildren now can use the Internet as a useful and time-saving device by on-line schools or on-line lessons. Moreover, Internet can be said a wonderful means for people in their self-study.

In sum, the Internet, in our present time, plays an essential role in the development of society and man's knowledge and life.


- Tag questions

- Gerunds after some verbs

1. Bạn hãy hoàn thành các đoạn hội thoại dưới đây với phần câu hỏi đuôi đúng.

Click vào đây để làm bài tập

2. Bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp. Hãy nhìn vào bảng dưới đây và các bạn hãy hỏi và trả lời các câu hỏi về chương trình TV mà những người trong bảng thích và không thích. Bạn hãy sử dụng câu hỏi đuôi.

Lưu ý: L = like, D = do not like




Tuan likes news, doesn't he?
B: Yes, he does.
b. A: Mai and Anh don't like news, do they?
B: No, they don't.

Click vào đây để làm bài tập

Click vào đây để làm bài tập

3. Bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp. Hai bạn hãy hỏi nhau về các chi tiết ở trong bảng dưới đây.



detective stories candy music


- Do you like playing soccer?

- Yes, I do.
- No, I hate it.

- Do you enjoy fishing?

- Yes, I love it.
- I don't know. I've never tried it.


Do you like playing soccer?
- No, I hate it. What about you?
- I like it.
b. Do you enjoy fishing?
- Yes, I love it. And you?
- I don't know. I've never tried it.
c. Do you like reading detective stories?
- No, I hate it. It's a waste of time. How about you?
- I don't like it, either.
d. Do you enjoy listening to music?
- Yes, I like it very much, especially classical music.
- Oh, I enjoy listening to it, too.
e. Do you like going to the movies?
- No, I hate it. I enjoy watching films on TV at home.
- Neither do I. i love watching cartoons.

4. Bạn hãy sử dụng các từ trong khung dưới đây để viết thành các câu đúng về bố mẹ, anh chị, người thân, bạn bè của bạn và về chính bạn.


My father likes watching sports but my mother doesn't. She love listening to music.



love listen music
enjoy play articles
dislike write letters
hate read advertisements

- My younger brother enjoys playing computer games, but my sister doesn't. She likes listening to music.

- My uncle likes reading articles about current subjects, but my aunt doesn't. She loves reading advertisements.

- My friend, Hung, loves playing soccer, but my classmate Lan, doesn't. She loves writing letters.

- I myself dislike watching sports, but I love listening to music.

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