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Bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp, nối các biểu tượng dưới đây với tên của các buổi lễ mà nó tượng trưng.

Easter Christmas Mid-Fall Festival
Lunar New Year birthday wedding


Phần tham khảo:



Phần tham khảo:



Phần tham khảo:



Phần tham khảo:



Phần tham khảo:

Mid-Fall Festival


Phần tham khảo:

Lunar New Year


Although there are many celebrations throughout the year, Tet or Lunar New Year holiday is the most important celebration for Vietnamese people.Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February.It is a time for families to clean and decorate their homes, and enjoy special food such as sticky rice cakes.Family members who live apart try to be together at Tet.
Passover is in late March or early April.This festival is celebrated in Israel and by all Jewish people.On this festival, people celebrate freedom from slavery.Passover is also an ancient spring festival.On the first and second nights of Passover, Jewish families eat a special meal called the Seder.
Easter is a joyful festival which is celebrated in many countries.It happens at around the same time as Passover.On Easter Day (Easter Sunday), young children receive chocolate or sugar eggs - as long as they are good.In many countries, people crowd the streets to watch colorful parades.

Bây giờ bạn hãy hoàn thành bảng dưới đây.

Celebration When? Activities Food Country

Bài test - Các bạn hãy click vào đây để làm bài test


Đây là cách để đưa ra một lời khen và đáp trả lại lời khen đó.

Give a compliment Respond to a compliment
Well done.

That's a great/ an excellent ... .

Let me congratulate you on ... .

It's nice of you to say so.

That's very kind of you.

Bạn hãy đọc các tình huống dưới đây với một bạn cùng lớp, sau đó hai bạn hãy đưa ra những lời khen và đáp trả lại lời khen đó cho phù hợp.

a. Trang has just won the first prize in the English speaking contest.

Mai: Well done, Trang.
Trang: Thanks.

b. On her mother's birthday, Huyen made a beautiful cake to celebrate.

Phần tham khảo:

Mother: Let me congratulate you on your cake!
Huyen: Very kind of you, Mum!

c. Tuan is an active student. He has taken part in different charity activities in his town. Tuan has been nominated as the most effective activist in the town charity program.

Phần tham khảo:

Friends: That's an excellent nomination!
Tuan: It's nice of you to say so.

d. Hoa brings to class a new picture she has painted.

Phần tham khảo:

You: That's a great picture!
Hoa: Thanks.

Bây giờ bạn hãy nghĩ đến tình huống mà bạn khen bạn của bạn và sau đó nhân được câu trả lời từ bạn ấy. Sau đó bạn hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp đoạn hội thoại này.

Phần tham khảo:

a. You see your friend who are wearing a new shirt. You complement him on it.

You: Your new shirt is very pretty, Long.
Long: Thanks. My mother made it for me on my birthday.

b. Your friend invites you to the new house his parents have just bought. You compliment on it.

You: What a nice house you have!
Nam: Really? That's nice of you to say so.

c. You see your friend with his new hairstyle. You compliment on it.

You: Hi, Mai. I almost didn't recognize you with your hairstyle. It look great!
Mai: Do you really like it? Thanks.

d. You see your friend going on a new bicycle. You compliment on it.

You: You know, I do like your new bicycle, Phong, especially its color.
Phong: Thanks. I'm glad you like it.


Bạn hãy nghe bài hát
Auld Lang Syne và điền các từ còn thiếu vào các chỗ trống.

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập


Có rất nhiều dịp cho bạn thể hiện tình cảm của mình cho những người khác. Dưới đây là những ý kiến, cảm nhận và kỷ niệm của những đứa trẻ về bố của họ vào ngày của Cha ở Úc và Mỹ.

Rita (Australia)

To the one who teaches me how to love, cry and laugh.
To the one who says never lose heart and always finish what you start.
To the one whose feelings for me are so strong that the word love can't describe them.
Can you guess who it is?
It's not too hard to tell ...

Jane (USA)

Daddy, I am writing this to tell you how much you are missed and loved.I will always remember that day - my wedding day.You were standing there with tears in your eyes while I was walking towards my groom.You gave me a hug, and the feeling that you never wanted to let me go.But at last I had to leave you and start my new life ... a moment in time that lasted forever.I now have children, Dad, but I will always be your little girl!Happy Father's Day.

Bob (Australia)

You ask me what I think about my dad.Great! Great! I must tell you my dad is the best person in the world.Do you know what I mean?He is a considerate and generous man who is loved not only by his family but also by all his friends.His priority is always his family.His sense of humor distinguishes him from others.In a word, my dad's terrific!I'm so proud of him and love him so much.Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Bạn hãy trả lời các câu hỏi sau.

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập


Ở Việt Nam, người ta thường không tổ chức kỷ niệm ngày của Mẹ và ngày của Cha. Bạn cho rằng cần thiết phải có một ngày kỷ niệm cho mẹ của bạn và một ngày khác cho bố của bạn, Bạn hãy viết cho bạn của bạn để chia sẻ điều này theo dàn ý dưới đây.

First paragraph Tell your friend the reason(s) for celebrating this day (for children to express their feelings, memories, and love for their parents, to enhance family traditions, to bring family members closer ...)
Second paragraph Give details about:

- when to celebrate: in what season, or what month, on what date of the month or day of the week ... (why?)

- how to celebrate: having parties, sending cards, going on picnics ...

- what special gifts to give: gifts to moms, gifts to dads.

- what special food to offer.
Third paragraph State whether or not you think your idea will be supported and you hope the day will be celebrated nationwide.

Phần tham khảo:

Dear Tom,
I'm writing to you to tell my idea about an important celebration. I think it is necessary to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day in our country. As we know everyone of us in this world has parents. So, the fact that there is a day to celebrate for them is reasonable. Moreover, it's occasion children can show their love and gratitude to their parents. What's more it's children's duty in the view of moral tradition of the nation.
The time to celebrate those days is not near other public holidays, I guess. Mother's Day should be celebrated in early spring and Father's Day in early fall. Why do we celebrate those celebrations in these times of the year? I think it's the most suitable time because the weather is usually fine. Therefore the children who live apart can return home easily.
On those days, all the children should return to their parents' house. It's advisable that they should have a family party. And I think it's not important that we should have special or expensive food. And it's not necessary to give our parents expensive gifts because our parents understand the meaning of our deeds. It's the love and the spirit that count, not the gifts or other material things. Mother and Father obviously enjoy their children and grandchildren's gathering.
In a word, I think we should have Mother's Day and Father's Day.


- Relative clauses

- Adverb clauses of concession

1. Bạn hãy nối các câu sau đây lại với nhau bằng cách sử dụng mệnh đề quan hệ.


- Tet is a festival. Tet occurs in late January or early February.
=> Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February.

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập

2. Bạn hãy miêu tả những người trong hình dưới đây bằng các mệnh đề quan hệ.


I am the boy who is wearing a white T-shirt.

My Aunt Judy is the woman who is holding Jack.

My family.

Phần tham khảo:

a. I'm the boy who is wearing a white T-shirt and blue trousers.
b. The woman who is sitting in the armchair is my Mum.
c. My Dad is the man who is standing behind Linda.
d. The girl, who is giving my Mum a present, is my younger sister Linda.

My Aunt's family.

Phần tham khảo:

a. My aunt Judy is the woman who is holding Jack.
b. The woman who is on the right of my aunt is my grandmother.
c. The man who is at the back of the picture is my uncle John.

3. Bạn hãy nối những câu sau lại với nhau sử dụng các từ trong ngoặc.


a. Thu Ha is not satisfied with her preparations for Tet. Thu Ha has decorated her house and made plenty of cakes. (even though)
=> Thu Ha is not satisfied with her preparations for Tet even though she has decorated her house and made plenty of cakes.

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập

4. Bạn hãy nhìn vào tranh vẽ và hoàn thành các câu dưới đây bằng các thông tin được đưa ra và thì đúng của các động từ.


a. help/ Tuan/ homework
=> Although Mrs. Thoa was tired, she helped Tuan with his homework.

b. watch/ TV
=> Even though Liz has an exam tomorrow, ...............................................
c. weather bureau/ predict/ fine weather
=> It rained yesterday although ................................................
d. eat/ lot/ food
=> Ba ............................................... though he wasn't very hungry.
e. finish/ letter
=> Even though the keyboard wasn't working well, ................................................

Click vào đây để nghe và làm bài tập

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