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Learn English by Listening - Level 1
Written by LopNgoaiNgu.com   
Friday, 26 September 2008 12:29


Article #111 Memories

Somebody once asked me what the most valuable things that I owned were. 
I thought about that for a long time. 
Then I realized that most of the things that I had could be replaced. 
What I would not be able to replace were the photographs that I had of my friends and
Photographs are memories that are captured on film. 
Some of the photographs are of people who are no longer with us. 
I would hate to lose them. 
Memories are precious. 
They are all we have sometimes to link us to days gone by. 
I remember the good times. 
I try to relive them in my mind sometimes. 
I remember the sad times. 
Some of the sad memories are painful, but they are all a part of my life, and I don't want
to lose any of my memories. 
People come into our lives and people leave our lives, but most people leave a memory
for us. 
I have lots of memories, and when I look at my photographs, the memories come
flooding back into my brain. 
I remember what people were like when they were younger. 
I remember vacations that I took. 
I remember days that seemed ordinary at the time, but you never get to relive even the
ordinary days. 
Memories are so precious. 
Cherish your memories, and keep them in a place close to your heart.


Article #112 Roommate Wanted

Spacious two bedroom apartment with kitchen facilities. 
On the bus route to Brock University. 
Looking for quiet female roommate. 
Must be a non-smoker. 
Available from Sept. 1. 
$300 a month. 
Hydro is included. 
Call Barb after 5. 
For Sale 
Ten speed men's bike for sale. 
Excellent condition. 
$100 or best offer. 
Call Fred 905-111-1111 
Apartment for Rent 
Three bedroom apartment in the downtown area. 
$450 a month. 
Within walking distance to stores and bus route. 
Utilities not included. 
Call (905) 111-1111. 
Please leave a message on the machine, and I will get back to you. 
Roommate Wanted 
Responsible, quiet roommate wanted to share two bedroom apartment. 
Some furniture included. 
First and last month's rent required. 
$300 a month. 
Utilities included. 
Call before 6. 
Ask for George. 
Help Wanted 
Friendly reliable person wanted to work part time hours at shoe store. 
No experience necessary. We will train you. 
Please leave resume at Friendly Feet Shoe Store, 34 Main Street, Niagara Falls. 
For Sale 
Textbooks for sale. 
Included are 2nd year English and American history texts. Excellent condition. 
For complete list of texts, call Marie at (905) 111-1111 anytime after 5. 
Upper Half of Duplex for Rent 
Within walking distance to Brock University. 
Two bedrooms and balcony. 
Laundry facilities in basement. 
Very spacious and clean. 
Hydro not included. 
References required. 
$700 per month. 
Call 905-111-1111 and ask for Mr. Bridges.


Article #113 Places to Live

I live in a house. 
My house is in a town. 
My uncle lives in an apartment building. 
His apartment building is in a busy city. 
My cousin lives in a dormitory in a school. 
He shares his room with a classmate. 
My uncle lives out in the country. 
He lives on a farm. 
The police caught a criminal. 
Now the criminal lives in prison. 
When I go to summer camp, I live in a tent. 
When my parents go on vacation, they live in a motel or a hotel. 
A motel only has one or two floors. 
A hotel usually has many floors. 
My aunt and uncle live in a trailer. 
They like to move around from place to place. 
My friends live in a cottage by a lake. 
My grandfather lives in a retirement home. 
Many people who are about the same age as he is live there. 
I would like to live in a palace. 
I think you have to be a king or a queen, or a prince or a princess to live in a palace.


Article #114 The Bathroom

There is a bathtub in my bathroom. 
On the wall over the bathtub there is a shower head. 
We have a shower curtain hanging on the rod over the bathtub. 
If we want to take a shower, we close the curtain. 
There is soap and shampoo in the bathroom. 
The soap is used for washing yourself, and the shampoo is used to wash your hair. 
Towels are hanging on racks. 
There are washcloths or face cloths to wash yourself with. 
The sink has hot and cold taps. 
There is a plug for the drain. 
When you pull the plug, the water runs out of the sink. 
There is a toilet in the bathroom. 
When you flush the toilet, the water swooshes out of it. 
There is toilet tissue hanging beside the toilet. 
We keep other things in the bathroom too. 
There is a medicine cabinet which holds pain killers, toothpaste and makeup. 
My mother likes to wear a lot of makeup on her face. 
There is also hair spray and gel. 
There are brushes and combs for our hair. 
There are toothbrushes and dental floss for our teeth. 
We only have one bathroom, so we line up to use it. 
It is good to have more than one bathroom in a house.


Article #115 The Bedroom

My bed is nice and soft. 
I have a pretty bedspread on my bed. 
I have sheets and a blanket on my bed also. 
I use two feather pillows. 
My pillows have pillowcases on them. 
My dresser has a mirror on it. 
I have a lamp on top of my dresser. 
I also have some picture frames with pictures of my friends and family on top of my
There is an alarm clock beside my bed so that I can wake up on time in the morning. 
I keep many clothes in my dresser drawers. 
The drawers are nice and deep. 
My closet is large. 
It is a walk-in closet. 
I have my clothes hanging in my closet. 
All of my clothes are hung on hangers. 
My shoes are all lined up on the floor of my closet. 
There are shelves at the top of my closet. 
I keep games up there. 
There is a rug on my bedroom floor. 
My bedroom window looks out over the back yard. 
There are curtains on my bedroom window. 
My bedroom is very cozy. 
At night, I turn off the lamp and get under the covers. 
I set my alarm clock for seven o'clock. 
I lay my head on the pillow, and I fall asleep.


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