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17 Renting an Apartment

Scheduling an Apartment Viewing A Broken Window Asking about Public Transportation Interviewing a Potential Roommate Garbage Disposal Security Deposit Warning about Late Rent Payment Checking Smoke Detectors Mailbox Key Missing Calling the Landlord about Moving Out Looking for an Apartment Subleasing Responding to an Ad for Roommates Finding an Apartment Asking about the Apartment Location Asking about the Neighborhood Asking about Safety Features Asking about Floor Plan Visiting a Rental Agent Discrimination Make an Appointment for an Apartment Viewing Talking about the Lease Negotiating the Price (1) Negotiating the Price (2) Policy Towards Pets Checking the Apartment for Anything Damaged Asking a Friend to Help You Move In Calling a Moving Company Calling the Water Company Where to Put the Furniture Greeting a Neighbor Prohibited Parking Trash and Recycling Laundry Room Rules and Hours Neighbors and Help Visitors and Extra Tenants Locked Out Noisy Neighbors Asking the Neighbor Not to Make Noise Poor Area Lighting Recreation Area Problems Fumigation and Relocation for a Night Key and Lock Problems Calling the Landlord to Report a Leak Roof Leaking Plumbing Threatening not to Rent Poor Upkeep Asking the Landlord about Fixing a Problem Explaining the Problem to the Plumber Calling the Police about a Burglary Talking about Apartment Upgrades Moving Out Eviction Notice Getting the Deposit Back
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