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He Loves Birds - Easy Reading
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He turned on the TV. He watched the 6 oclock news. The news was about an airplane. The airplane had two engines. A big bird flew into each engine. The engines stopped working. The pilot landed the plane in a river. All the passengers climbed out onto the wings. Boats pulled up next to the plane. The plane was floating in the river. The people on the boats rescued all the passengers and crew. Everyone on the plane survived. No one died. No one was injured. Everyone said it was a miracle. The pilot was a national hero. Everyone in America knew his name. The passengers said he was a hero. The press said he was a hero. The president of the United States said he was a hero. His wife said he was a hero. They had a parade for the pilot in his hometown. The governor made a speech. The mayor made a speech. The pilots teacher when he was in third grade made a speech. The pilot made a speech. It was a short speech. He was an animal lover. He didnt eat meat. He didnt eat fish. He didnt eat chicken. He only ate vegetables and fruit, because he loved animals. The pilot said he felt sorry for the two dead birds.

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