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Pluto Chases Kid - 365 Short Stories
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Visitors to Disneyland in southern California see lots of life-sized cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto the Dog. Most parents take their small kids right up to these characters. If the child doesn't start bawling because he or she is afraid of the cartoon character, the parents will take snapshots or videos of their kid with Snow White, Grumpy, Goofy, or others. Often the camera will be rolling even when the child looks afraid or is crying.

Last week, Eva Gunderson took her 7-year-old son Billy Bob to Disneyland. Pluto was the first character they met once they got inside. Eva asked Billy Bob if he wanted a picture with Pluto. Billy Bob said no. He said Plutos tail was too skinny and his nose was too big. Eva told him to go ahead, please, just so she could show daddy. Billy Bob reluctantly agreed.

He went over to Pluto and sat on his lap. Eva said, Say cheese! and both Billy Bob and Pluto said the magic word. Then, as Billy Bob got off Plutos lap, he grabbed Plutos round black plastic nose and ripped it off Plutos costume. Pluto yelled Ouch! (even though it didnt hurt). Billy Bob started running, and Pluto started chasing him. Just as Pluto got close enough to grab him, Billy Bob kicked Pluto between his legs. Pluto fell to the ground, groaning. This time he really was in pain.

Eva got it all on video cam. That was great, honey! she told her son as they walked off to find more characters. Wait till daddy sees this. Hell be so proud of you!

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