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Female Seeks Mature Male - 365 Short Stories
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Julia was 12 years old. Her best friend Betsy was 13. Summer was almost over. School was about to start. Julia and Betsy were having lunch at BurgerBoy. Betsy had decided that Julia needed a boyfriend.

But why? asked Julia. Im okay without one. What good is a 12-year-old boy anyway? All theyre interested in is playing baseball or riding their skateboards. Where does a girl fit into that picture?

Dont be silly, replied Betsy. And forget about 12-year-olds. Theyre immature. You should go for someone more experiencedsomeone at least 13 years old. Someone who will carry your books and walk you to your classes. You need someone wholl give you a Valentines Day card and remember your birthday. You need someone to comfort you when youre sad and lonely. You need someone to protect you.

But my dad does that! Thats what dads are for. He comforts me; he protects me. And he remembers my birthday, too. Ive got a backpack to carry my books, and I know where all my classes are. I dont need an escort. And a Valentines Day card means that someone loves you. What if I dont love them back? I dont want a Valentines Day card from someone I dont love. I dont love anyone anyway. Im too young. I dont think I even know what love is. Besides, you dont have a boyfriend. Why should I?

Because you're my first client. I've decided that I'm going to be a matchmaker when I grow up.

Well, if I'm your first client, that means I'll probably also be your first mistake. No, thank you.

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