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The Bargain CD Set (2) - 365 Short Stories
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Sidney reread the song list and artists. He noticed that the classic song Moon River was sung by Danny Williams; Sidney thought that the original artist was actually Andy Williams. He told Gita that he had his doubts. She told him not to buy it, but he decided to take a chance on itafter all, it was only $11.99. What could they lose, he joked. When they got home and played the CDs in that set, both of them were disappointed.

When are you going to learn to listen to me? Gita asked Sidney as she rapped him in the head with the box of the CD set. Sidney told her that he would take it back to see if he could exchange it. Of course not! Gita said. The receipt says that you cannot return an opened package.

Sidney took it back anyway; he hoped that he could charm the sales clerk into giving him an exchange. He couldnt. She said that the only thing she could do was buy the CD set back from him. He said that that was okay with him, figuring that she was going to pay him $11.99 plus tax. She typed the title of the set into her computer. A few moments later, she told him that she would be able to give him 70 cents. You mean seventy cents for each CD? Sidney asked. No, 70 cents for the set, she replied. Sidney laughed. He was getting ripped off by two different companies for the same item. On his way out of the store, he decided he would regift the set as an office Christmas present.

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