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The Demanding Son - 365 Short Stories
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Luke didnt know what to do. He wanted to yell at Kyle, his fiances son, because Kyle continued to argue with his mom. She didnt even demand very much from himStudy hard, get the best grades you can, she told him. She tried to get it into his head that she didnt have the money to pay for his college education. Not a cent. Instead of studying harder, however, Kyle spent hour after hour playing video games on his computer. He waited until the last minute to study for school tests, and then stayed up all night cramming for them. When Jane tried to remind him that he needed good grades so that he could get a grant or a scholarship, he would get angry. He said it was her responsibility to take care of him financially until he graduated from college.

Where did he get that idea? Luke asked. Youve raised him for 10 years all by yourself. You dont owe him a thing. With his attitude, he should be glad you havent kicked him out of the apartment already. He graduates from high school next year. When I was in the eleventh grade, my father made it clear to me that when I graduated from high school, I was expected to leave home. Yet Kyle thinks you have to pay his way through college!?

Jane wouldn't allow Luke to talk to Kyle. He doesnt like you telling him what to do. He says youre not his father, so why should he have to listen to you?

Well, his fathers dead. He should appreciate that Im around to try to help him. Maybe Kyle would learn to accept Luke's help and advice in time, Jane said.

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