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Im Moving to NY - 365 Short Stories
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Enough was enough. After four years of devoting herself to Ward, Leah had given up. Im moving to New York, she said. He couldnt believe it. He begged her to give him one more chance. She said she had already given him one more chance too many times.

I asked you to marry me, but you said you werent ready to get married. Youre 50 years oldwhen will you be ready!? I asked you to find us an apartment, so that we could live together; you didnt. As a nervous realtor, I asked you to stay with me when I had to sit in open houses by myself on weekends. You didnt. I asked you to help my son find a scholarship or grant so that he could attend a good college. You didnt. Shall I go on?

He said he got the picture. He apologized. My priorities werent right; now I realize that you are my only priority.

She said his apology was too little, too late. She had already bought an airline ticket to New York City; her flight was Monday evening.

His jaw dropped. Youre not serious! What are you going to do in New York? he asked. You dont know anyone there. Youve never even been there. You cant just fly into New York all alone and start wandering around. Its a dangerous place. And the places that arent dangerous are expensive. You dont have any money!

She said she had enough money to stay in a hotel until she found an apartment and a job. She had always wanted to live in a big, exciting city like New York. Thats where I can start my own business, she said, and maybe find a man I can depend on!

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