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Lesson 12 - TOEFL Structure

1) With affection and humor, poet Phyllis McGinley ___of ordinary life.

2) Scientists think ___helps some tree to conserve water in the winter.

3) The ancient Hopewell people of North America probably cultivated corn and ___crops, but hunting and gathering were still of critical importance in their economy.

4) Lunar eclipses occur each time the Earth blocks the Sun’s light from the Moon ___ the Moon’s full phase.

5) ___ all data into electronic pulses.

6) . Robert S. Duncanson was considered a painter of the Hudson River school, ___on scenes of America’s untamed wilderness

7) . ___ their senses, many-celled animals perceive what is happening in their environment.

8) In central Georgia, archaeological evidence indicates that Native Americans first inhabited the area ___.

9) The large compound eyes of the dragonfly ___ to see moving objects almost eighteen feet away.

10) Using many symbols makes ___ to put a large amount of information on a single map.

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