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Lesson 14 - TOEFL Structure

1) ___ that as both birds and mammals become larger, their metabolic rates er unit of tissue decrease, and they generally live longer.

2) Asteroids are small and therefore very difficult to identify, even when ___ to Earth

3) A number of modern sculptors have rejected ___ of minimal and environmental art and developed a style of extreme realism.

4) ___ tributaries of the Mississippi River system were navigated by steamboats during the period before the outbreak of the Civil War

5) Mary Eliza McDowell’s introduction to social service came ___, when she assisted victims of the great Chicago Fire of 1871

6) Young herons are helpless for a few weeks ___ they learn to fly.

7) The history of painting is a fascinating chain of events that probably began with ___

8) The center of gravity of the human body ___ behind the hip joint.

9) The leaves and stems of the alfalfa plant are the only parts of the plant ___.

10) ___ choose to live in or near metropolitan areas simply because they like the rapid pace of city life.

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