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Lesson 18 - TOEFL Structure

1) _____ limit to the extent which human beings may benefit from their own inventive genius

2) The light from a laser differs _____ produced by other sources, such as electric bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and the sun.

3) In addition to pleasure, _____ excitement, challenge, and relaxation

4) Not only can walking fish live out of water, _____ they can also travel short distances over land.

5) _____ Eijah McCoy’s invention of the lubricating cup in the early 1870’s, machinery had to be stopped in order to be lubricated.

6) As Mercury moves in its solar orbit, _____ its axis, an imaginary line that runs through its center.

7) The Hawthrone studies, _____ the monotonous working conditions of factory personnel, were a major contribution to industrial psychology

8) In 1914 a bronze tablet _____ Harriet Tubman was placed at the entrance of the Cayuga Country Courthouse in Aubum, New York.

9) It is unlikely that a nation would choose war if its goals _____ peacefully

10) Their keen senses of hearing and smell have made some types of dogs _____ in hunting and tracking and as security guards

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