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Lesson 19 - TOEFL Structure

1) Groups of muscles in the head direct the actions necessary for _____.

2) In the Osage tribe of Oklahoma, beaded belts _____ who held a high social status.

3) _____ commonly chosen as the first step to a career in public office.

4) In 1852 _____ one hundred piano-makers in New York alone.

5) Mammals have a larger, more well-developed brain _____ other animals

6) Astronomy developed from the observation _____ through regular cycles of motion.

7) _____ the arctic regions receive little sunlight, the air there is too cold to hold much moisture.

8) The wood of the holly tree, close-grained and very hard, _____ for musical instruments, furniture, and interior design.

9) Many English _____ were opposed to the American Revolution of 1776 moved to Canada, where they were known as United Empire Loyalists.

10) The working conditions of railroad employees were _____ hazardous in the early days that private insurance companies refused to insure the works.

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