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Lesson 9 - TOEFL Structure

1) ___ a lonely and rugged life, far from home and family.

2) Helium is ___ all gases to liquefy and is impossible to solidify at normal air pressure.

3) Every year Canadian ___ about 75 percent of their exports to the United States.

4) An innovator, ballerina Augusta Maywood was ___ a traveling company.

5) When water freezes in the cracks of rocks, ___ expands, causing the rocks to break apart.

6) With x – ray microscopes scientists can see through live insects ___ even through solid pieces of metal.

7) As resident of New Mexico, Dennis Chavez ___ to the House of Representatives in 1930 and to the Senate in1938.

8) ___ are not leached out of soil, reclamation procedures are needed to restore the land’s productivity.

9) ___ social crusade aroused Elizabeth Williams’enthusiasm more than the expansion of educational facilities for immigrants to the United States.

10) ___ as 2500 B.C., the Egyptians used mirrors made of highly polished metal.

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