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Lesson 333 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to control to rule over; to be superior; to be of higher rank or authority; to comprise a majority; to prevail; to preponderate; to be wide-spread

2) n. part of an object designed to be gripped by the hand; fist name; nickname; code name; title

3) n. one of several separate payments into which a debt has been divided; one of a number of parts which are given out at different times; section; portion; putting in place

4) n. dividend; perk; monetary gift

5) adj. spotted; speckled; composed of a series of small dashes (about a line)

6) n. group of people working together; team

7) n. either end of a passenger line; bus or train station; point of connection to a current (Electricity)

8) n. short written reminder; memo; brief informal letter; official message; notice; comment; musical sound; single key; sign of emotion; hint; trace; paper currency; bill of money

9) n. progression; succession; series of things in succession; order; arrangement; chain of events; series of scenes which make up one episode of a film (Cinema); consequence; outcome; order of monomers within a polymer chain (Genetics)

10) n. newspaper that is published 5 to 7 times a week

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