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Lesson 53 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to go along with; to go together with; to join; to attach

2) n. guarantee; certificate indicating responsibility; authority; justification

3) n. one who activates; worker of a telephone switchboard; worker; operation symbol; character whichsignifies a logical or mathematical operation between several numbers (Computers)

4) n. bed covering; quilt

5) adj. attentive; conscious of

6) n. fleece from some animals; clothing made from wool; thread made from wool; (nickname for) frizzy hair

7) adj. enduring; lasting; continuing; leftover; remaining; left as a residue

8) n. one who damages a person or his property or rights; one who errs or sins; one who unlawfully enters another's territory; person who crosses a border; one who enters into forbidden territory

9) v. to substitute for; to provide a substitute item; to return something to a particular position or location

10) adj. reliable; trustworthy; dependable

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