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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 114 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Lesson 114)

Reading and answers the question:

   Why would anyone want to set aside a day to honor a lowly little groundhog?
The answer to that question is not certain, but a group of people
get together every February 2 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch
Punxsutawney "Pete" leave his burrow. What "Pete" does next, many
5 believe, will indicate whether spring is just around the corner or
a long way off. You see, in Pennsylvania on this date there is usually
a great deal of snow on the ground, and the little animal has been
hibernating during the long, cold winter, He gorged himself during
the autumn months and then went into his burrow for a long sleep,
10 his body fat helping keep him alive. But as he emerges on February
2, he looks very thin. If the sun is shining brightly and he sees
his shadow, according to legend, it scares him back into his home
where he will stay another six weeks. Should it be cloudy and gray,
the little animal will supposedly wander around for food -- a sure
15 sign that spring is near. While many believe in the groundhog's predictions,
it is unwise to accept them as factual.
1. According to this reading, who do people gather every year to observe the groundhog?

2. How does the groundhog manage to stay alive during the long winter?

3. Which of the following is not true?

4. What prediction does the groundhog supposedly made?

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