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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 127 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Lesson 127)

Reading and answers the question:

   Samuel Morse accomplished something that is rarely accomplished: he
achieved fame and success in two widely differing areas. Throughout
his youth he studied art, and after graduating from Yale University
he went on to London in 1811 where his early artistic endeavors met
5 with acclaim. In London he was awarded the gold medal of the Adelphi
Arts Society for a clay figure of Hercules, and his paintings The
Dying Hercules and The Judgement of Jupiter were selected for exhibit
by the Royal Academy. Later in life, after returning to America,
Morse became known for his portraits. His portraits of the Marquis
10 de Lafayette today are on exhibit in the New York City Hall and the
New York Public Library. In addition to his artistic accomplishments,
Morse is also well-known today for his work developing the telegraph
and what is known as Morse Code. He first had the idea of trying
to develop the telegraph in 1832, on board a ship returning to America
15 from Europe. It took eleven long years of ridicule by his associates,
disinterest by the public, and a shortage of funds before Congress
finally allocated $30,000 to Morse for his project. With these funds,
Morse hung a telegraph line from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, and
on May 24, 1844, a message in the dots and dashes of Morse Code was
20 successfully transmitted.
1. Which of the following is the best topic of this passage?

2. According to the passage, in his early life, Morse concentrated on preparing for which of the following careers?

3. According to the passage, Morse won a prize for which of the following works?

4. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the development of the telegraph?

5. How was the first telegraph message sent from Washington to Baltimore?

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