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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 136 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Lesson 136)

Reading and answers the question: At first glance it might seem that a true artist is a solitary toiler in possession of a unique talent that differentiates him from the rest of society. But after further reflection it is quite apparent that the artist is a product of the society in which he toils rather 5 than an entity removed from that society. The genius of an artist is really a measure of the artist's ability to work within the framework imposed by society, to make use of the resources provided by society, and, most important, to mirror a society's values. It is society that imposes a structure on the artist, and the successful artist 10 must work within this framework. Societies have found various methods to support and train their artists, be it the Renaissance system of royal support of the sculptors and painters of the period or the Japanese tradition of passing artistic knowledge from father to son. The artist is also greatly affected by the physical resources of 15 his society. The medium chosen by the artist is a reflection not only of the artist's perception of aesthetic beauty but of resources that society has to supply. After all, wood carvings come from societies with forests, woven woolen rugs come from societies of shepherds, shell jewelry 20 comes from societies near oceans. Finally, the artist must reflect
the values, both aesthetic and moral, of the society in which he toils. The idea of beauty changes from society to society, as seen in the oft cited example of Rubens' rounded women versus today's gamin-like sylphs, and the artist must serve as a mirror of his society's 25 measure of perfection. And society's moral values must equally be reflected in art if it is to be universally accepted.

1. What does the passage mainly discuss?

2. The author thinks that an artist is

3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a way that society imposes its structure on an artist?

4. Which of the following physical resources of art is NOT mentioned in the passage?

5. The example of Rubens' women is used to show that the artist

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