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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 43 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Lesson 43)

Reading and answers the question:

The United States of America comprises probably the greatest mixture of nationalities and races to be found anywhere in the world. The fact that most of these people entered the country as immigrants and later were awarded naturalization is a leading factor behind 5 both the growth and philosophy of what has become one of the greatest nations of all time. Without immigration the US would have remained an insular, second-class country which despite its size, or maybe because of it, would nowadays be rated with Russia, India or Mexico.

10 Very important to this immigration is the diversity. Firstly, the majority of immigrants came from Europe. Then, they came mainly from the American continent. Finally, Asia has become the area from which most immigrants come, that is if we don't count illegal immigrants, for if we include these the Americas still supply the largest number 15 of people coming into the country. Of course, we must not forget the large number of Africans that were brought over as slaves and have remained to become full American citizens.

We can say that this variety of peoples truly does represent the whole 20 world; we can even find Australasian immigrants. And it is this diversity that has certainly created many, still unsolved, problems, but it has also created a truly world nation, one that has been able to draw on the intrinsic skills and qualities of every nation of the world.

1. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

2. Why in the opinion of the author has the U.S.A. become a great country?

3. According to the passage from which continent do most people coming to the US come from?

4. What do we understand the author to mean by the word 'even' in line 20?

5. What is the tone of the passage?

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