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Reading comprehension -TOEFL- Lesson 87 (Đọc hiểu -TOEFL- Lesson 87)

Reading and answers the question:

   By a bout A.D. 500 the Mound Builder culture was declining. Perhaps
because of attacks from other tribes or perhaps because of severe
climatic change that undermined agriculture. To the west another
culture, based on intensive agriculture, was beneath present-day
5 St. Louis, and it radiated out to encompass most of the Mississippi
watershed, from Wisconsin to Louisiana and from Oklahoma to Tennessee.
Thousand of villages were included in its orbit. By about A.D. 700
this Mississippian culture, as it is known to archaeologists. began
to send its influence eastward to transform the file of most of the
10 less technologically advanced woodland tribes. Like the Mound Builders
of the Ohio region, these tribes, probably influenced by Meso-American
cultures through trade and warfare, built gigantic mounds as burial
and ceremonial places. The largest of them, rising in four terraces
to a height of once hundred feet, has a rectangular base of nearly
15 fifteen acres, larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Built
between A.D. 900 and 1100, this huge earthwork faces the site of
a palisaded Indian city which contained more than one hundred small
artificial mounds marking burial sites. Spread among them was a visit
settlement containing some 30,000 people by current estimations.
20 The finely crafted ornaments and tools recovered at Cahokia, as this
center of Mississippi culture is called, include elaborate ceramics,
finely sculpted stonework, carefully embossed and engraved copper
and mica sheets, and on funeral blanket fashioned from 12,000 shell
beads. They indicate that Cahokia was a true urban center, with clustered
25 housing, markets, and specialists in tool- making, hide-dressing,
potting, jewelry-making, weaving, and salt-making.
1. What is the main topic of the passage ?

2. The paragraph preceding this one most probably discussed

3. In relation to the Mississippian culture, the mound builder culture was located

4. The Mississippian influenced the culture of the

5. According to the passage, the mounds were used as

6. According to the passage, how does the mound at Cahokia compare with the Great Pyramid ?

7. The mound at Cahokia was made of

8. Which aspect of the Mississippipian culture is discussed the LEAST in passage?

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