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Lesson 14 - In, At or On

  1. It gets very cold ___ winter.
  2. Betty doesn't have a job ___ the moment.
  3. The telephone and the doorbell rang ___ the same time.
  4. He flew from Japan. He's probably ___ Perth now.
  5. Would you like to go out to dinner ___ Friday night?
  6. She was tired. She's ___ bed now.
  7. Goodbye! I'll see you ___ the morning.
  8. Were you ___ Tom's party last night?
  9. I'll see you ___ two weeks time.
  10. She was born ___ 1961.
  11. The doctor will see you ___ 10:00.
  12. ___ the age of ten I wanted to be a firefighter.
  13. My wife gave me a wonderful present ___ my birthday.
  14. The coffee is ___ the shelf.
  15. My pen is ___ my pencil case.
  16. He's gone to work. He's probably ___ work now.
  17. He lives ___ Australia.
  18. ___ my opinion you should buy the blus shirt.
  19. ___ second thought, the green shirt is nicer.
  20. I'll see you ___ Monday.
  21. I'll be taking my holiday ___ Christmas this year.
  22. Buy some bread and milk ___ your way home.
  23. What will you be doing ___ New Year's Eve?
  24. ___ the end of a course students usually have a party.
  25. The flowers ___ your garden are very beautiful.
  26. There were many cars ___ the road today.
  27. Tom and Betty always go out to dinner ___ their wedding aniversary.
  28. We got up ___ dawn today.
  29. Are you doing anything ___ the weekend?
  30. We live ___ this address.

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