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Lesson 146 - Assorted Grammar Quiz

Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

  1. I want ___ , please.
    a dozen eggs
    a dozen of eggs
  2. He was really strange. He didn't talk to ___ in his class.
  3. Please give him ___ chance.
    the other
  4. Being considerate means thinking about ___ not only about yourself.
    the others
  5. Please turn off the lights. I have to develop this film and it's ___ here.
    bright enough
    too bright
  6. You shouldn't take ___ luggage. You'll stay there for only two days.
    too much
    too many
  7. ___ he studies, ___ he seems to know.
    The more/ the less
    The most / the least
  8. I have been studying ___ I can to learn English.
    so hard as
    as hard as
  9. They finally decided to buy a ___ car.
  10. ___ cheats on the test will be caught sooner or later.
  11. He said he had done it, ___ was not true.
  12. ___ did you give it?
    To whom
    To who
  13. I wasn't there and ___.
    neither was Mary
    Mary was neither
  14. I haven't finished the homework and my brother hasn't ___.
  15. ___ ? He's tall and thin.
    What's he like?
    How is he?
  16. ___ it regularly takes a lot of will power.
  17. No news ___ good news.
  18. Students won't be able to take notes if the teacher ___ fast.
    will speak
  19. She's looking forward to ___ her husband's parents.
  20. I used to ___ a lot when I was in college.
  21. He told me ___ there.
    not to go
    to not go
  22. She ___ for the doctor for two hours.
    has been waiting
    has being waiting
  23. Seldom ___ such an intelligent man.
    I have talked to
    have I talked to
  24. A small number of visitors ___ to come to the meeting.
    is expected
    are expected
  25. The boss insists ___ here on time.
    that you are
    that you be
  26. You ___ the truth then.
    should have told
    should to have told
  27. You ___ kill animals; it's cruel and unlawful.
    don't have to
  28. Look how wet the ground is. It ___ last night.
    must have rained
    should have rained
  29. John wishes he ___ taller so he could play basketball.
    had been
  30. She doesn't remember ___.
    who the author of this book is
    who is the author of this book

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