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Lesson 161 - Punctuation

Click the answer button to see the answer.
  1. ___ is used to indicate possession.
    a. A quotation
    b. An apostrophe
    c. A hyphen
  2. ___ is used to mark the end of declarative and imperative sentences.
    a. A period
    b. A comma
    c. A semi-colon
  3. A comma ___ be used between a verb and its direct object or complement.
    a. can
    b. cannot
  4. When a subordinate clause is followed by the main clause, ___ is required.
    a. a dash
    b. a semi-colon
    c. a comma
  5. When a comma is used ___ meaning is ___.
    a. inappropriately, maintained
    b. appropriately, changed
    c. inappropriately, changed
  6. ___ precedes decimal numbers.
    a. A period
    b. A comma
    c. A colon
  7. When no connecting word is used to connect two independent clauses, one should use ___.
    a. a comma
    b. a semi-colon
    c. a period
  8. A question mark is not used at the end of ___ .
    a. an indirect question
    b. a direct question
  9. In ___ piece of writing, a dash replaces the parentheses or commas.
    a. a formal
    b. an informal
  10. ___ separates a question tag from the rest of the sentence.
    a. A dash
    b. A semi-colon
    c. A comma
  11. To enclose cross-references one uses ___.
    a. parentheses
    b. hyphens
    c. question marks
  12. In ___ all words and punctuation are enclosed by quotation marks.
    a. indirect speech
    b. direct speech
  13. ___ is used at the end of a sentence or remark to express strong emotion.
    a. An exclamation mark
    b. A question mark
    c. A quotation mark
  14. ___ are used around a relative clause that defines the noun it follows.
    a. Only commas
    b. No commas
    c. Semi-colons
  15. A question mark is used in parenthesis to express ___.
    a. anger
    b. amazement
    c. doubt

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