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Lesson 2 - Assorted Questions

  1. When do you write to your friends?
    I don't know.
    I write to my friends at home.
    I do it whenever I have time.
  2. How old are you?
    I'd rather not say.
    I'd rather not tell my husband.
    I'd rather not show you.
  3. How about going to the theater tonight?
    I'm sorry to hear that.
    Sorry I have a business meeting tonight.
    Sure. Maybe some other time.
  4. Can I see your ticket, please?
    I'm afraid I can't find it.
    No, it's mine.
    Yes, it's a ticket.
  5. What is your city like?
    I like it a lot.
    It's small, but nice.
    I have no idea.
  6. Excuse me, can you tell me where the museum is?
    Why do I have to tell you?
    You have to know the ropes.
    It's at the end of this street.
  7. Can I pay by check? I don't have any cash on me.
    Sorry, we only take hard cash.
    Sorry, the checks were stolen.
    Sorry, that's not fair.
  8. How would you like your steak?
    Rare, please.
    A slice, please.
    No, thanks.
  9. What are you going to do on your summer vacation?
    I might have worked hard.
    I traveled last summer.
    I haven't thought about it.
  10. Have you studied English before?
    Yes, but I need practice in speaking.
    Yes, when I was born.
    Yes, I'm interested in your English course.
  11. What time do you get up in the morning?
    At seven o'clock.
    At seventeen.
    At midnight.
  12. How long does it take you to get to class?
    I take medicime.
    It takes fifteen minutes.
    I take the bus.
  13. Did she leave a message?
    No, she said she'd call later.
    No, she left the room.
    Yes, she'll leave one.
  14. May I borrow your car next Thursday? My friend is coming to visit me and I'd like to show her around.
    Sure, Thursday was good.
    Sure. Any time.
    Sure. Maybe some other time.
  15. Do you still feel homesick?
    Well, I feel dizzy.
    Yes, I have problems back home.
    Well, I'm getting over it a little.
  16. Where can you have your hair cut?
    At a hairdresser's.
    At a beautiful spot.
    At a grocer's.
  17. Are you planning to buy an apartment?
    No, I just want a big one.
    No, I just want to rent one.
    Yes, I've already bought one.
  18. Don't you have the right change?
    No, I only have two nickels.
    No, I don't want to look strange.
    No, let's change it here.
  19. How much do you weigh?
    I don't want to wait.
    That girl is twice my weight.
    I weigh a hundred pounds.
  20. Why is Bill so angry?
    No wonder. The teacher gave him a good grade.
    No wonder. The teacher made him study the verbs.
    No wonder. The teacher excused him for being late.

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