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Lesson 32 - Prepositions

Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

  1. ___ Thanksgiving, we usually eat cranberry sauce with our roasted turkey.
  2. They were reassured ___ the outcome ___ the elections.
    about, in
    by, of
  3. We always take a trip ___ the summer.
  4. She made the mistake ___ adding salt instead of sugar.
  5. He was sitting ___ his seat when the teacher entered the classroom.
  6. While ___ holiday, they vacationed ___ Australia.
    in, on
    on, in
  7. He was concerned ___ his low grade ___ the class.
    about, in
    with, on
  8. He came ___ the decision that he should study harder.
  9. He was happy ___ them when he learned ___ their success.
    for, of
    with, about
  10. He was confused ___ the correct answer to the test question.
  11. He looked ___ the countryside for signs of spring.
  12. He joined ___ his allies to win the battle.
  13. He looked ___ his friends for advice.
  14. The cook waited ___ the customers because the server left early.
  15. He waited ___ her reply until it was too late to make a decision.

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