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Lesson 75 - Valentine's Day Quiz

Click the answer button to see the answer.
  1. Valentine's Day ___ on February 14th.
    a. celebrates
    b. had celebrated
    c. is celebrated
    d. celebrated
  2. Cupid is the most famous ___ of Valentine.
    a. symbol
    b. sign
    c. motif
    d. hint
  3. It's known that this mischievous ___ child shoots darts of desire and make men fall deeply in love.
    a. swinged
    b. wigged
    c. winged
    d. winded
  4. The ___ of Saint Valentine's Day had its origin in a belief that birds began to pair on February 14th.
    a. costume
    b. habitat
    c. custom
    d. customer
  5. The festival became associated with the ___ day of two Roman martyrs, both named St. Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century.
    a. fast
    b. feast
    c. feature
    d. fist
  6. Valentine's Day became the date for exchanging love letters and sending lovers' ___.
    a. tolls
    b. tools
    c. trots
    d. tokens
  7. St. Valentine has been regarded as the ___ saint of lovers.
    a. patrol
    b. patron
    c. patroness
    d. patronal
  8. Today's celebration of Valentine's Day ___ of a tradition that began in the Roman Empire.
    a. grew out
    b. grew up
    c. grew
    d. grown up
  9. The cards, known as valentines, are often ___ with hearts to symbolize love.
    a. desired
    b. signed
    c. derived
    d. designed
  10. Roses are the most common flowers given ___ this occasion.
    a. on
    b. in
    c. after
    d. under

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