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Lesson 81 - Beer Basics

Click the answer button to see the answer.
  1. Beer is the world's best-selling ___ drink.
    a. alcohol
    b. alcoholic
    c. alcohols
  2. The process of making beer is called ___ .
    a. beering
    b. brewsing
    c. brewing
  3. The first recorded recipe ( ___ on clay tablets) seems to be one for making beer.
    a. write
    b. written
    c. wrote
  4. The ___ ingredients used in making beer are malted grains, water, hops, and yeast.
    a. principal
    b. principle
    c. principles
  5. The most common grain ___ for beer-making is barley, but sometimes wheat, corn, or rice are also added.
    a. use
    b. uses
    c. used
  6. Grain is malted by first soaking it in water, then allowing it to sprout, and finally drying it ___ stop the sprouting.
    a. in order to
    b. to order to
    c. into order to
  7. Hop cones add both flavor and aroma to beer; they are also good ___ .
    a. preserves
    b. preservatives
    c. preservations
  8. In a process ___ fermentation, yeast changes sugar from the malted grain into alcohol.
    a. call
    b. calling
    c. called
  9. Although the alcohol level in beer ___ ranges from 4-7%, it can go as high as 15%.
    a. usual
    b. unusual
    c. usually
  10. The two most ___ styles of beer are lager and ale.
    a. common
    b. commons
    c. commonly
  11. Lager ___ about 150 years ago, and it is now the most popular style of beer.
    a. has developed
    b. was developed
    c. has been developed
  12. However, in recent years, ale has been regaining ___ .
    a. popular
    b. population
    c. popularity
  13. One difference between lager and ale ___ the kinds of yeast used in the fermentation process.
    a. lies in
    b. lies at
    c. lies on
  14. Another difference between these two ___ of beer is the temperature of the fermentation process.
    a. type
    b. types
    c. typicals
  15. In addition, lager ___ lighter in color and body than ale.
    a. tends to be
    b. tend to be
    c. tends to have
  16. Most beer in the United States is made by big breweries, such as Anheuser-Busch and Miller; microbrew or "craft" beer ___ only 5-10% of all beer produced.
    a. account for
    b. accounts for
    c. count for
  17. However, the rapid ___ in the number of microbreweries in the past 20 years means that the United States has a wider selection of beer styles than any other country.
    a. increasing
    b. increases
    c. increase
  18. In Europe, one of the smallest countries, Belgium, produces the ___ variety of beer styles of all and is sometimes thought of as a "Disneyland" for beer drinkers.
    a. great
    b. greatest
    c. greater

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