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Lesson 83 - Participles: Proposition 215

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  1. Proposition 215 is a two-year-old law (intend) ___ to allow seriously ill people in California to use marijuana as medicine.
  2. Such ill people carry a doctor's note (verify) ___ that they suffer from chronic pain or serious disease.
  3. Steve McWilliams is a person who uses marijuana daily to deal with constant pain (result) ___ from several car accidents.
  4. Another person who was (delight) ___ when proposition 215 passed was Evan Keliher of San Diego.
  5. Keliher said it was (relieve) ___ to use marijuana legally after thirty years of being a "closet marijuana smoker."
  6. Keliher, who is a former Marine and (retire) ___ school teacher, was diagnosed with glaucoma in the 1960s.
  7. He began to smoke pot in 1967 after hearing that it helped relieve intra-ocular pressure (cause) ___ by glaucoma.
  8. He had been using eye drops, but his eye sight was steadily (weaken) ___ .
  9. Doctors (treat) ___ him at that time predicted that he would be blind by now.
  10. Though he can no longer see in his left eye, his eyesight in his right eye is (amaze) ___ .
  11. He is so (satisfy) ___ with the results from marijuana that he wrote a book called, "Grandpa's Marijuana Handbook."
  12. Keliher wants to teach older people who are sick and (suffer) ___ how to use marijuana.
  13. Still, there are many problems (face) ___ law enforcement officers in California.
  14. Marijuana (grow) ___ for medicinal purposes is legal, but how much is necessary?
  15. Law enforcement officers feel it will take time for the medical marijuana law to be (enforce) ___ fairly.

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