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Level A - Lesson 21

Level A - Lesson 21

1. ________ a blackboard in the classroom?

2. Mark went back ________ his keys.

3. The children wake ________ early in the summer.

4. We go out ________.

5. This is my bike. This bike is ________.

6. Our neighbour's sons ________ come here very often.

7. Look! Now they ________ TV again!

8. What ________?

9. In some countries today there's only one party at elections. No ________ at all!

10. - Do you think we're all created equal? - No, not ________ all.

11. Your explanation ________ reasonable.

12. I thought you said she was going away this summer, ________?

13. Jupiter spins faster than ________ planets.

14. - I thought you bought a new pen yesterday. - Yes, I did but I've left it at home. Can I borrow ________ for a moment?

15. After closing the envelop, the secretary ________ the stamps on firmly.

16. The settlers at Jamestown lived on wild berries and roots because they had ________ to eat.

17. She cannot swim, and I can't ________.

18. He is going to ________ down.

19. - Are you going to see him? - If the boy goes, ________ .

20. Of all the countries I visisted, I like Canada ________.

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