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Level A - Lesson 26

Level A - Lesson 26

1. I'm expecting ________ an answer to my letter.

2. They ________ married in church last year.

3. - I haven't got anything for you. - ________!

4. I often spend two hours ________ my homework.

5. - What does Julia do? - She's ________ nurse in a big hospital.

6. Give it to ________. It's my pencil.

7. I don't think he ________ flowers very much.

8. I ________ him today yet.

9. Where ________ my pen?

10. He has a ________ experience of marketing in Europe.

11. Have you read ________ paper?

12. - David has lived in Peru for ten years. - Yes, but he ________ doesn't understand Spanish.

13. - I'll come home to give you the package at nine. - That will be too late because we ________ by that hour.

14. The development of new crop strains ________ greatly increased yields.

15. She often wishes that she ________ a bicycle.

16. They went from one shop to ________.

17. Two of the boys in the art class were doing self-portraits by looking at ________ in the mirror.

18. Our people began this flight ________ 1973.

19. One of the windows of my car is very hard ________.

20. The woman said, "Yes, I'll buy that one. It's ________ me."

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