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Level A - Lesson 30

Level A - Lesson 30

1. ________ a letter here for you.

2. I get a letter ________ my boyfriend every day.

3. Can I ________ you a question?

4. The boss wants ________.

5. There's a river. Can you ________?

6. There is nothing very ________ to do in that small town.

7. Don't leave your clothes ________ about on the bedroom floor.

8. When water freezes, it ________ into ice.

9. - How about ________ me a hand? - Sure. I'd be glad to help.

10. Mr. Brown ________ a car if he had enough money.

11. The window was shut, and he ________ to open it.

12. There ________ no rain here since last month.

13. Jane is the ________ of the two sisters.

14. He ________ you now, but he won't believe you tomorrow.

15. The aeroplane ________ down at Cairo on its way to India.

16. My uncle went out of the house ________ ago.

17. After lunch he went to his room to ________.

18. I wonder ________ we shall catch the last bus.

19. It is rude to laugh ________ other people.

20. - Did you like my friend? - Very much. She's ________ charming as you said she was.

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