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Level A - Lesson 32

Level A - Lesson 32

1. I must go ________ the bank this morning.

2. I don't want ________ to eat.

3. Tell me, is ________ your coat?

4. ________ the light on: it's dark in here.

5. What ________ next?

6. We don't need ________ money.

7. ________ size are your shoes?

8. Kate and Jenny are sisters, and Bill is ________ brother.

9. The train arrives ________ 4.30.

10. Wayne is ________ penfriend from Australia.

11. The judge ________ the criminal to twenty years in prison.

12. Charles ________ a box of chocolates.

13. The animals were afraid, but their keeper soon got them ________ control.

14. No sooner ________ the news than she fainted.

15. John ________ very badly at Mary's birthday party.

16. It ________ everyday so far this week.

17. - Whose belt is it? - It's my ________.

18. Who actually saw the accident ________?

19. Jim ________ that he had seen the robber.

20. Maria hasn't visited her home in Spain ________.

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