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Level A - Lesson 34

Level A - Lesson 34

1. There's ________ milk in the fridge.

2. Kate and Jenny have a brother. ________ Bill.

3. ________ was happy.

4. He took a note ________ of his pocket.

5. He's the man ________.

6. Is the Eiffel Tower taller ________ Big Ben?

7. ________ Mr Brown's friends ever been here?

8. A train is ________ a bus.

9. John can fly ________ aeroplane.

10. He has been studying in the library every night ________ the last three months.

11. - Jane said that you had read the book three times. - Yes, I found it very ________ .

12. English is spoken all ________ the world.

13. Alan Clarke was an interesting man but sometimes he was a bit economical with the ________.

14. ________ the moon last night?

15. Is Hun Hin ________ away from Bangkok than Pet Buri?

16. If you could take a trip to the moon, ________?

17. She finally decided ________ her children alone in the house.

18. He seldom goes to the market, ________?

19. You have tea for breakfast, ________ you?

20. - ________ shall I do? - You ought to consult your parents.

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