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Level A - Lesson 38

Level A - Lesson 38

1. There isn't ________ bread in the house.

2. ________ many students in your class?

3. Are the best schools ________ of England?

4. They never do ________ homework on time.

5. Who is that old man ________ the big nose?

6. Chinese people ________ a lot of rice.

7. ________ far is it to the station?

8. Do you know ________?

9. I spoke slowly, but he ________ understand me.

10. Sometimes advertising signs ________ down during a storm and people are injured by them.

11. He bought ________.

12. ________ does it take to get to the river from here?

13. - Sandra is a miserable person. - Of course she is. She's jealous ________ everyone.

14. He ________ to the last meeting, but he didn't.

15. When he failed ________ us, we left without him.

16. Peter has been trying for an hour, but his car still ________ start.

17. Do you believe that ghosts ________?

18. Mrs Lewis then stood up and said a few words ________ to the visitors.

19. Soldiers must have ________ to face danger.

20. Try again. Don't give ________ hope.

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