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Level A - Lesson 4

Level A - Lesson 4

1. He's very short: ________ sisters are taller.

2. When ________ dinner.

3. Kate is the best ________ the three.

4. - Are you ready? - ________.

5. Leave your dirty shoes ________ the door.

6. He ________ swim very well.

7. Peter works in London. ________.

8. Yeuk Yee had her house painted white yesterday. = ________

9. The hotel is ________.

10. - Can we begin the test? - We can't unless the teacher ________ so.

11. "You are late" he said. "I think the bus ________ already."

12. We wondered who was going to pay for the ________ window.

13. The pond near your house is full ________ white lilies.

14. His landlady doesn't ________ of his having parties.

15. I drink ________ coffee than you.

16. I bought her a new pencil sharpener ________.

17. The news ________ as soon as possible.

18. This book is ________.

19. Suda told ________ the whole story.

20. It's a small shop, and you may have some difficulty ________ it.

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