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Level A - Lesson 5

Level A - Lesson 5

1. ________ a crowd in the street.

2. Our house has four bedrooms: I have the ________.

3. Mrs Lee's son has a car, but he prefers to use ________.

4. What do you think ________ this new record?

5. They are all ________ ready for the party.

6. Nuri is out: he's ________ a pint of milk.

7. The pen is ________ the book and the file.

8. You must get ________ the bus here.

9. Are these books ________?

10. Mr Brown's friends ________ interested in your work.

11. Someone offers you a drink. You don't want it. What do you say ? = ________

12. He speaks English very well ________ he's only 12.

13. Susan ________ to clean the car at the weekend.

14. ________ patient, and you will succeed.

15. He's not the sort of person to trust. He's a bad ________.

16. He died ________ hunger and cold.

17. Eric now rides his bike to work instead of ________ by bus.

18. The reason ________ he's late is that he had an accident.

19. The boy ________ is here.

20. This is the first time I ________ the experiment on plant breeding.

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