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Level C - Lesson 1

Level C - Lesson 1

1. Food prices have been ________ steadily for at least twenty years.

2. I'll have to study very hard, ________ I can pass the exam.

3. You ________ to eat if you don't feel like it.

4. We'll play tennis and ________ we'll have lunch.

5. He has to go to Canada for the next ________ of his training.

6. When the meeting had finished, they went ________ the plan once again.

7. We locked the animals in the cage to ________ them from getting away.

8. You're ________ your time trying to persuade him; he'll never help you.

9. Their last cook was better than their ________ one.

10. I am grateful to you for being so patient ________ him.

11. Do you mean to say you exchanged that lovely car ________ this?

12. The weather was ________ the exceptionally poor harvest.

13. She is teaching two classes and is examining at a literature exam tomorrow. ________, she is chairing a meeting at the Pen Club.

14. I don't see any ________ in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn't start until 9 o'clock.

15. His application for a visa was turned ________ by the consulate.

16. Shopping malls account for 60 percent of the retail business done in the United States because they are controlled environments which ________ concerns about the weather.

17. It is ________ impossible to tell the twins apart.

18. The man known as Bonnie Prince Charlie claimed that he was the ________ heir to the throne.

19. The rather humid climate in no way ________ from the beauty of the place.

20. ________ no need to buy traveller's cheques since most countries take credit cards.

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