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Level C - Lesson 10

Level C - Lesson 10

1. There's something wrong with my watch: it's ________ fifteen minutes in the last twelve hours.

2. If you are ________ to customers, they'll walk out of the shop.

3. The air in the house felt cold and ________ after weeks of bad weather.

4. Is it worth waiting for a table at this restaurant or shall we go ________ else?

5. Children who go up escalators should always be accompanied ________ an adult.

6. I took someone else's coat from the cloakroom by ________.

7. How long does it usually ________ to get home in the evening?

8. It is becoming more and more ________ that the Government has lost the confidence of the nation.

9. You need a special ________ to go into this part of the building.

10. I don't like him, so I have no intention ________ speaking to him.

11. We had to drive carefully because the road was icy in several ________.

12. Don't invite John to dinner; I can't stand his bad ________.

13. Not only ________ the film, but he had read the book as well.

14. I'm sorry I'm so late; we had a meeting at work which went ________ much longer than we expected.

15. He ________ me to take a lawyer to court with me.

16. Poor Mary! She has so much to cope ________.

17. He has always gone ________ strange hobbies like collecting bottle-tops and inventing secret codes.

18. As he is an expert on pottery, his opinions would be worth ________.

19. Nowhere ________ the bathrooms.

20. There's just something about him that really puts my ________ up. I can't stand being in the same room as him.

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