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Level C - Lesson 100

Level C - Lesson 100

1. Her ________ is getting worse and worse. She seems too afraid to speak to anyone.

2. The doctor gave the patient ________ examination to discover the cause of his collapse.

3. That dress looks lovely: red really ________ you!

4. I ________ the bell-push several times but there was no-one at home.

5. If you eat a lot of chocolate, your teeth will begin to ________.

6. I'm afraid that it won't be possible ________.

7. The campers put their tent ________ in a field.

8. I disagree ________ you about that film you praised so much.

9. We were so busy we had to ________ going on holiday for a month.

10. They ________ understand the teacher, as he spoke too fast.

11. I don't think she could ever give ________ smoking. She's a real addict.

12. ________ scientists have observed increased pollution in the water supply.

13. Do you approve ________ hunting?

14. She preferred to wait ________ you.

15. I refuse to comment ________ his work.

16. Their walking-tour through Lapland never came ________.

17. I ________ for that job before I passed my final exams at the university.

18. As James had scored distinctions in Chemistry and Biology in his Higher School Certificate Examination, he hoped to ________ one of these subjects at university.

19. I'm really angry with Sue. The next time I see her, I'll give her an ________.

20. Many years ago in a faraway land there lived ________ wise old man.

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