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Level C - Lesson 101

Level C - Lesson 101

1. Have I ________ you about how Mary is getting on at college?

2. "The Sting" is by ________ the best Robert Redford film I have seen.

3. Many elderly people have to live on the money they ________ when they were working.

4. You shouldn't call your superior ________ his first name.

5. I've had replies to our invitations from everyone ________ from Jane.

6. I had to get up early, ________ I'd have missed the train.

7. I ________ you to drive carefully today. The roads are icy.

8. I wanted to go home but my girlfriend ________ on going to a nightclub.

9. The house ________ beside the lake.

10. After the revolution, the people of Haiti ________ revenge on the secret police.

11. Much stricter ________ must now be taken at all airports.

12. Betty dances really ________, doesn't she?

13. The decision is yours, but I'd prefer you not ________ home until you're older.

14. The accident was terrible, because there was no doctor ________ to help.

15. ________ is known about the side-effects of the new drug.

16. If I got his letter, I ________ his address.

17. Well we did have a terrible row but we've ________ it up now.

18. It was ________ that he happened to walk in just as we were discussing him.

19. In ________ of rage he tried to kill his own brother.

20. He was in his late fifties, with staring eyes and a ________ hairline.

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