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Level C - Lesson 12

Level C - Lesson 12

1. The little girl wouldn't go into the sea ________ her father went too.

2. The ________ part of the week is always busy for me.

3. She ________ to take her neighbour to court if he didn't stop making so much noise.

4. You mustn't be angry with her. It wasn't her ________ that she was late.

5. He sat there with his arms ________ doing nothing, waiting for us.

6. Our neighbours ________ their hedge cut once a year.

7. I could tell he was pleased ________ the expression on his face.

8. Tom always calls himself Tom Williams, but his ________ surname is Winterbottom.

9. If you keep trying you might ________ to do it.

10. Joan's third child was born in the ambulance ________ to the hospital.

11. The meeting, ladies and gentlemen, is now ________.

12. They promised to write ________ we never heard from them again.

13. I ________ to him for my bad behaviour.

14. Ever ________ he was in junior school Nicholas has wanted to become a doctor.

15. It was on the top shelf, out of ________.

16. Computers are supposed to ________ time, but I'm not so sure they do!

17. I didn't mean to do it; it was ________ accident.

18. Her acceptance speech was ________, eliciting thunderous applause at several points.

19. a wild goose chase = ________.

20. You could have avoided risking ________, General Brown.

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