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Level C - Lesson 13

Level C - Lesson 13

1. ________ goes the bus; now we will have to walk!

2. She is very important to him. He wouldn't get ________ without her.

3. The Blackhams live in the house ________ the blue door.

4. I phoned the bank to ________ how much money there was in my account.

5. Her parents give her anything she asks for, and as a result, she's very ________.

6. ________ I am studying at university and I hope to get a job very soon.

7. The new secretary in the sales department is a fast typist but her letters are full of spelling ________.

8. The police have asked that ________ who saw the accident should get in touch with them.

9. If the greengrocer has some bananas ________ buy some please?

10. I would like to offer a small ________ to anyone who finds my missing dog.

11. The Prime Minister has ________ to win the last three General Elections.

12. You ________ do the washing-up: I can easily do it later.

13. People demand higher wages because prices are ________ all the time.

14. You must be careful when you wash this ________ silk blouse.

15. My father always falls ________ in front of the television.

16. You can never rely ________ him to be punctual.

17. Are you interested ________ music?

18. You must reply ________ his letter.

19. I shall certainly act ________ your advice.

20. as sound as ________ = healthy, in good condition (also said of machines).

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