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Level C - Lesson 14

Level C - Lesson 14

1. Buy the new ________ of soap now on sale: it is softer than others!

2. My uncle took ________ golf when he retired from work.

3. There has been a rather worrying ________ ten per cent in our profits this year.

4. ________ you hurry, you won't catch the bus.

5. The customer, who was shouting at the top of his voice, ________ his money back.

6. I ________ him to go to the Lost Property office to see if his umbrella had been found.

7. I couldn't resist having another slice of cake even ________ I was supposed to be losing weight.

8. These old houses are going to be ________ soon.

9. ________ as I like ice-cream, I couldn't eat any more now, thank you.

10. You may borrow as many books as you like, provided you show them to ________ is at the desk.

11. What do you mean, he's watching television? He's ________ to be washing the car.

12. She was angry with me for breaking the plate, but it happened quite ________ accident.

13. The hall was very crowded with over fifty people ________ into it.

14. Beware of the people who appear to be enthusiastic ________ your success.

15. They want to watch a football game ________ TV.

16. ________ to leave early is rarely granted.

17. ________, they didn't laugh at me.

18. If you had gone there last year, you ________ my brother.

19. I never go in lifts because I am terrified of ________ spaces.

20. It never ________ to me that he would be here.

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