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Level C - Lesson 15

Level C - Lesson 15

1. The shop assistant was ________ helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice.

2. The meal was excellent; the pears were particularly ________.

3. Are there any seats left for this evening's ________ of "Carmen"?

4. Having ________ the table, Mrs Roberts called the family for supper.

5. As I have been ill, I have had no ________ to discuss the plan.

6. He ________ to turn up for the football match.

7. The shop assistant was ________ helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice.

8. There are three lawyers in our town and I have consulted ________ of them in turn.

9. The course was so difficult that I didn't ________ any progress at all.

10. I'm tired of looking at ancient ________. Let's go to somewhere modern.

11. My car's gone: it must ________.

12. We'd better hurry. There's a ________ to Uncle Timothy's patience.

13. I ________ hands with him when I was introduced to him.

14. They had a great ________ of trouble getting through customs.

15. Rose trees need to be ________ regularly.

16. Whatever made you think ________ such a thing?

17. I would go to the seaside if the weather ________ good.

18. I rang you up while Jack ________ his lessons.

19. The bus ________ from High Street to the Station Road is 30p.

20. Before the invention of refrigeration, the ________ of fish and meat was a problem.

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