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Level C - Lesson 18

Level C - Lesson 18

1. He opened the letter without ________ to read the address on the envelope.

2. - Fay: The headmistress wants you in her study. - Ivy: She's here already. I didn't think she ________ till tomorrow.

3. If you have any ________ concerning this report please telephone the Planning Office.

4. Could you please ________ exactly what you saw?

5. Look, Mother! James has brought you a ________ of flowers.

6. She gets very angry with her son because he seems to be incapable ________ keeping his room tidy.

7. In the summer we often sleep in the ________ air on our terrace.

8. What a beautiful dress! It ________ you perfectly.

9. I bought the hat because the colours ________ the colours of the coat.

10. To promote him so quickly you must have a very high ________ of his ability.

11. It's no use waiting for him any longer. We ________ as well go without him.

12. He ________ out of the window for a moment and then went on working.

13. You should always keep receipts from shops as proof ________ purchase.

14. Please don't mention it ________ my husband, but I paid $10 for this hat.

15. I knocked ________ the door.

16. You must have ________ the examination before Friday, so bring your money to the office as soon as possible.

17. They ________ for you for more than two hours now.

18. I would have come home earlier if you ________ me to help you with the housework.

19. Petrol in this country is so expensive ________ we use public transport as much as possible.

20. There has been some ________ in the relations between those two countries recently.

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