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Level C - Lesson 19

Level C - Lesson 19

1. They all take too much ________ of his kindness and generosity.

2. Don't worry about trying to catch last train home, as we can easily ________ you up for the night.

3. Our car is very old, but I can't ________ to buy a new one.

4. It was terrible. One passenger was killed, and the other was ________ injured.

5. After several years their bedroom wallpaper had considerably ________.

6. My attempt to pass the exam was ________. I failed badly.

7. Chris ________ at the City College for French.

8. I admit I suffer from a ________ of patience with such people.

9. The house is in good ________ though it needs to be repainted.

10. Hello, Mary. I can't be sure I'll be home in time for dinner. I ________ be late.

11. His suit was badly made and didn't ________ him properly.

12. He may be quick ________ understanding, but he's not capable of remembering anything.

13. He has some important business to attend ________.

14. You should not boast ________ your success.

15. I'm sorry, I haven't got ________ change. Why don't you try the bank?

16. An oppressive ________, and not the festive mood one might have expected charecterized the mood of the gathering.

17. I think it's ________ your luck to drive without wearing a seat-belt.

18. He said that if I looked back far enough in my family tree, I would see that I was ________ related to Charles Darwin.

19. I can't possibly mark your homework; your handwriting is ________.

20. Hello! You ________ be the new assistant. I'm Mr Munroe.

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